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You’re busy. You don’t always have time to get out to the shops, which is why online shopping is such a lifesaver. But while a picture tells a thousand words, it’s still not always possible to get a clear understanding of what you’re buying just from looking at an image. So we’ve introduced our One-Minute-Whirls: short snappy videos that give you a better understanding of our nursery accessories and baby gifts. Give it a whirl. We think it makes shopping that little bit easier.

Welcome to Urbanmummy, an online treasure trove of baby gifts and nursery decor. Our site provides inspiration for stylish, yet busy parents in search of something a little different.  Whether it’s to add the finishing touches to their baby’s nursery or to find an original baby gift, Urbanmummy provides a beautiful range of hand-crafted nursery accessories and baby gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

We source most of our collection from France where nursery accessories are still hand-made using traditional techniques. Whether you're searching for nursery decor such as nursery pictures, bags and cushions or practical storage solutions for the nursery such as wicker baskets, toy boxes or wall hooks, Urbanmummy has everything you need.

And if you're looking for a unique baby gift or christening gift, we have a beautiful selection of baby photo albums, children's dinner sets and not to mention personalised accessories for mummy and daddy too!